Car problems that require a visit to the auto repair shop.

Every car owner, at one point or another, will have to pay a visit to his local auto repair shop. This is because cars, just like all other mechanical machines, they need to be maintained, fixed and updated. Some people though neglect the importance of regular maintenance or they try to fix their cars at home, in their garages, lacking the knowledge and proper tools. Most of the time they end up creating even more problems. Here are few signs that tell you need to visit an auto repair shop immediately.

Rear view mirrorOil leaks.

Even though they are not considered emergencies, it is good to have your car inspected as it may have ran out of oil and this can lead to major engine problem. Also, oil stains on your driveway are hard to clean and aesthetically not appealing.

Brake repairs.

Most brake pads wear out after 40.000 miles and they have to be replaced with new ones. However, if the driver does a lot of stop-and-go driving or the car has stood for a long time without being moved, the brake pads need to be replaced earlier. Always perform brake repairs in a specialized auto repair shop. The job has to be done by professionals as your safety is in stake.

Battery replacement.

Front side of a carThis operation better to be left in the hands of experienced technicians. Most of the cars we see on the road today are equipped with an ECU (Engine Control Unit). These devices are designed to be kept on an electrical source (car’s battery) all the time, without interruption. If the person that replaces your battery is not aware of this fact, most certainly he will reset the ECU. Once this happens, the car’s central locking stops working and the engine does not start. Pay attention when you choose your auto repair shop. Residents of Mt Pleasant, MI can rest assured that Oil City Transmission are reliable and trustworthy and they are the leading auto repair shop in the area.

Ignition system repair.

These types of repairs usually require a higher degree of expertise. The job is complicated as well as elaborate and only an experienced mechanic can successfully repair an ignition system.

These are just few of the many car problems that require an expert in order to be fixed properly. Oil City Transmission has been providing reliable auto repair services for over 30 years in Mt Pleasant, MI. Whatever car issue you may have, they are the ones you should visit.

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