What Are The Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Delay?

Or When Should You Seek a Professional Auto Repair Service

Car owners know what it’s like when a car starts to break down. However, in this economy, people only have the possibility to perform crucial repairs. Oil City Transmission has prepared a few tips for you, so you would know what to do when you feel that your vehicle is in need of an auto repair service.


You must always be certain that the stopping power of your car is in top condition. The safety of you and others depend on it, so if you think that your car takes a bit longer to come to a full stop, have it checked out.

Turning Apparatus

If you turn the steering wheel, but the turning response is little or next to none, your vehicle is in need of an auto repair service. Driving a car that is not capable of making any maneuvers is highly dangerous and illegal. You need your car to be able to make turns!


Changing the car’s oil will make it run better; however, it is dangerous if your vehicle experiences any leakages. When your car has been sitting in one spot for some time, look below your front bumper to see if there are any wet spots. If there are, immediately go to a mechanic.

Transmission System

If you feel that your vehicle looses its acceleration at some points or you have to switch the driving gears harder than usual, then you need a car doctor. The potential problems can have severe consequences, so you don’t want to drive with a damaged gearbox.

Driving safety is a top priority on the streets. The responsibility comes to drivers and passengers alike. If you feel that anything might be wrong with the car, do not hesitate to have it looked at by an auto repair service professional. Our Mt Pleasant, MI specialists are prepared to provide you with further details and interesting tips.

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