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What Is Car Depreciation and What Does It Mean for You?

Short Analysis from Well-Known Auto Repair Shop Specialists in Mt Pleasant, MI

Car depreciation can cause a new car to lose its value at an alarming rate. This, actually, is the decline in an automobile’s value over the course of its useful life. New-car buyers may dread this, but new cars lose between 15 and 20% of their value each year. Here are some additional new car depreciation numbers presented by our auto repair shop specialists:

  • As soon as you drive a new car off the parking lot its depreciation starts with as much as 11% of its value.
  • About 65% is the average depreciation after 5 years.

Let’s say that you have paid for a new automobile $25,000. Driving even one mile out of the auto store will lower its value to $22,220. After a year, the same car will be worth about $18,800. After another year, the price will drop to $15,950. One more year and you will be able to sell it for no more than $13,500. Four years later, this price will fall to $11,300. And on the fifth year, after you have bought ,it will cost no more than $9,300.

Many people believe that buying used cars will cost them more annual visits to an auto repair shop but that is not necessarily the case at all times. Here are a few benefits of buying used autos:

  • The majority of the savings are simply due to depreciation.
  • You will not suffer because you cannot recover the money for depreciation.
  • You will pay less for insurance, taxes, and monthly payments.
  • You can find recent models that are still under warranty, so you may not have to worry about the reliability of the used car you have bought.
  • Buying some old car models with solid reputation may be a better choice than a new model for which you have no information.

To learn more about depreciation, you can contact the auto repair shop Oil City Transmission in Mt Pleasant, MI. You can reach us with all your questions at (989) 775-6100!.

How to Detect and Repair Transmission Problems

Tips on Transmission Issue Troubleshooting

The best way to prevent an expensive auto repair is to detect your transmission problem at an early stage. There are a few early warning signs which may help you indicate there is a minor issue: leaks, lack of right amount of fluids and holes in the radiator are just a few of them. If you notice some of these problems, hurry up to visit a transmission shop before the need for extensive repairs appears.

Mechanic wrench toolIf you don’t want to bring your vehicle to a mechanic in order to fix it, try to troubleshoot your transmission, or at the very least, have a used transmission installed at a repair shop cut costs. These are the most common symptoms which can suggest there is something unusual going on:

1. Strange noises coming from under the hood of your vehicle. These noises can sound like clanking, knocking, grating or a buzzing.
2. If the engine of your car speeds up during acceleration, but the vehicle moves slowly, this may suggest there is a slippage at the time of the acceleration.
3. A clear indication of a defect in the transmission may be the fact that you feel an abrupt jerk when you shift between gears. Test it the following way: start the automobile, place your foot on the brake pedal, then put the vehicle in the reverse position. Shift to the neutral (N) position and then to the (D) drive position.
4. Funny smell – If you notice a strange smell coming from under your car or under the hood, consider checking your transmission in an auto repair shop, as rancid or burnt odors usually indicate a trouble.
5. Check the parking space, you have used, immediately after you move your vehicle for any transmission leaks. If you see a pool of dark-red fluid, you better check the level of your transmission fluid and go to a transmission shop as soon as you can, in order to learn what is causing the leakage.

For transmission help around Mt Pleasant, MI, you can consult with Oil City Transmission’s mechanics and get your issues fixed in a budget-friendly manner. Contact us now to learn more about the auto repair services we provide.


Transmission problems – 6 warning signs

You may be here, reading this article, because you suspect something is wrong with the transmission in your car. Oftentimes, drivers experience what they feel may be a Close up of an car engine being repaired by a male mechanic holding a spannertransmission issue but they are not sure. Trust my word, it is far better to address these issues early on than to let them evolve into an extensive transmission failure.

Transmission (especially the automatic transmission) is the most complex piece of machinery in your entire car. It is hard to spot problems and even harder to repair them. However, we’ve managed to put together 6 most common transmission problems that have been observed by specialists over the years. Read and see if any of them sounds like the problem you’re experiencing. Knowing what’s wrong with your transmission may save you money on auto repair services.


Transmission fluid can leak from nearly 20 different external seals. Some of them are easy to repair while others require the expertise of an auto repair mechanic. If you notice a small pool of pinkish oil every time you move your car from its parking spot, you may have transmission issues. Schedule a visit to a reliable auto repair shop and have them check your transmission fluid and seals.


Sometimes a bucking or shaking sensation is experienced, especially at high speeds. While this may be a problem of poor engine tunning, it could also signal an issue with your transmission system. Take your vehicle to an expert that can tell the difference.

Delayed drive

If your transmission hesitates longer than usual to engage a gear once the shifter is put in “R” or “D”, it means you may be dealing with a transmission malfunction. The cause for these delays can vary from a band that needs adjustment or a low fluid level. Again, sooner rather than later is the right time to have it checked by a professional.

Burning smell

A burnt odor can be a sign of transmission that is leaking fluid onto the exhaust or is overheating. If transmission fluid or engine oil leaks on the exhaust, it could catch on fire. Take your car to an auto repair service as soon as possible.

Check engine light

With newer cars, transmission systems have become more complex and also much “smarter”. Sensors are used to measure the activity of your transmission, and sometimes they may detect a problem sooner than you can feel it in your car’s drivability. If your check engine light comes on, it may signal a transmission problem. In order to find out what the problem is exactly, you have to schedule your vehicle for a computer diagnosis.

Transmission slipping

Slipping can be described as a condition when your engine is revving but the full power is not reaching the wheels. If you experience something similar, you definitely have a problem with your transmission system. There is nothing else that can explain a slipping condition better than a transmission issue.

Oil City Transmission is a reputable auto repair service provider in Mt Pleasant, MI who specializes in transmission repairs. Our mechanics have many years of experience in the auto repair business field. We use some of the latest tools and diagnostic equipment on the market, to detect whatever is wrong with your vehicle.

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How to choose the best auto repair shop

Before setting up an appointment with any auto repair company in Mt Pleasant, MI you must know a few little secrets that can help you pick the right motor-vehicle technician. The local auto repair shop, Oil City Transmission has exclusively prepared this article for those of you who are newbies in the field. We hope that you find it useful.

If you need more information call (989) 775-6100 or visit our shop.

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Car problems that require a visit to the auto repair shop.

Every car owner, at one point or another, will have to pay a visit to his local auto repair shop. This is because cars, just like all other mechanical machines, they need to be maintained, fixed and updated. Some people though neglect the importance of regular maintenance or they try to fix their cars at home, in their garages, lacking the knowledge and proper tools. Most of the time they end up creating even more problems. Here are few signs that tell you need to visit an auto repair shop immediately.

Rear view mirrorOil leaks.

Even though they are not considered emergencies, it is good to have your car inspected as it may have ran out of oil and this can lead to major engine problem. Also, oil stains on your driveway are hard to clean and aesthetically not appealing.

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What you should know when purchasing vehicle parts from an auto repair shop

Secret ceases to be a secret at the very moment when more than two people become familiar with it. This well-known, yet unpleasant truth, pops into your head when scrolling down the web-pages to read the information about various auto repair shop services and their prices. However, not all of them offer expensive rates and fail to keep their promises to deliver excellent results. During the past few years, more than a several hundred vehicle Speeding side of a carowners in Mt Pleasant, MI have revealed the secret to the immense success of Oil City Transmission. It is to provide our customers with high quality services at affordable prices. We consider your need to know more about auto parts as essential and thereby, we respond.

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Read behind the lines to meet each auto repair problem as it arises

In need of auto repair or maintenance that will treat your vehicle with the utmost care, then you need to hire a reliable automotive service provider. A good company which has been in the industry for quite a few years just doesn’t cut it, the perfect business should have a long history for quality workmanship. Whether you have a truck or car, taking them into an auto repair shop means you expect the work to be done only by fully bonded and licensed professionals. To get advanced technology diagnostics, modern Flashy looking custom carequipment is needed. Of course this is something which is not a dime a dozen these days. However, only after some thorough research you might be able to find such instrumentation available and be rest assured you will get the highest standard of service possible.

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How to recognize an auto repair expert

Next gear please! In our modern cars, the gear change is usually performed by an automatic transmission. Here there will be lots of parts gathered together under the casing of your auto’s transmission. These elements require a constant and synchronized operation to transmit power from the motor to the gears. If something goes wrong with any part of this system, then you have a problem. We can help you find the best auto repair shop to fix any problems with your gear box. Nowadays it is essential that you find a company which has established a leading position by successfully providing quality repairs for all makes and models of cars. Quick, informed, top-notch repairs, guarantees and a polite attitude are just some of the advantages that will set the chosen contractor apart from the others and make it your preferred choice.

Top-notch auto repair services should be expert main goal

Detailed automobile engineSpecialized auto repair shops can deliver complete customer satisfaction by offering high quality repairs and preventative maintenance services for all types of automatic transmissions. Your chosen garage should be fitted out with advanced auto-diagnostic equipment, along with professional tools, to perform an accurate, as well as a detailed examination of the current state of your car and, in particular, the state of its automatic transmission. If all of the requested auto repair services are provided by a single auto shop, then that would be the best option to select. Whether it will be a gear box repair or recycling, individual parts supply, warranty or non-warranty replacement, filters or gaskets change, the service should be performed at a fair price and within a specified time frame. Continue reading