How to choose the best auto repair shop

Before setting up an appointment with any auto repair company in Mt Pleasant, MI you must know a few little secrets that can help you pick the right motor-vehicle technician. The local auto repair shop, Oil City Transmission has exclusively prepared this article for those of you who are newbies in the field. We hope that you find it useful.

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10 Questions you have to ask an auto repair provider before making a booking

1) Ask the technician which you have chosen, if he is ASE Certified.

2) In case you are ever in an emergency and want to save some money on calling a towing company, ask your preferred repairman if their shop offers vehicle pickups.

3) Can they provide a vehicle delivery within the area of Mt Pleasant, MI when the job is done.

4) Always ask if the company can offer you an upfront quote for the repairs you need with a guarantee that the price will not change when the job is done.

5) Ask if they can give you a estimate for the repair project, you need to be completed, over the phone or is it absolutely necessary to visit their auto repair shop.

6) Ask them if they are going to protect your automobile with floor mats and fender cover while they are performing the service.

7) Choose a company that can deliver past customer recommendations upon request

8) Ask the auto repair provider that you found suitable to satisfy your car’s needs if he can guarantee all the parts and work done with a 12,000 mile warranty.

9) Always ask if the oil change service provided includes a free safety inspection

10) Ask the auto shop you have chosen whether they have diagnostic equipment for your particular make or model of car.

If the auto repair shop you have contacted in Mt Pleasant, MI answers positively to most of these questions, this means that their services should turn out to be very reliable and beneficial for the well being of your vehicle. The repair technicians at Oil City Transmission can offer you all this and much more depending on the auto problem you have. Contact us now at (989) 775-6100, tell us your story and we will send you a written estimate with the proper solution and appointment time right away.