How to Detect and Repair Transmission Problems

Tips on Transmission Issue Troubleshooting

The best way to prevent an expensive auto repair is to detect your transmission problem at an early stage. There are a few early warning signs which may help you indicate there is a minor issue: leaks, lack of right amount of fluids and holes in the radiator are just a few of them. If you notice some of these problems, hurry up to visit a transmission shop before the need for extensive repairs appears.

Mechanic wrench toolIf you don’t want to bring your vehicle to a mechanic in order to fix it, try to troubleshoot your transmission, or at the very least, have a used transmission installed at a repair shop cut costs. These are the most common symptoms which can suggest there is something unusual going on:

1. Strange noises coming from under the hood of your vehicle. These noises can sound like clanking, knocking, grating or a buzzing.
2. If the engine of your car speeds up during acceleration, but the vehicle moves slowly, this may suggest there is a slippage at the time of the acceleration.
3. A clear indication of a defect in the transmission may be the fact that you feel an abrupt jerk when you shift between gears. Test it the following way: start the automobile, place your foot on the brake pedal, then put the vehicle in the reverse position. Shift to the neutral (N) position and then to the (D) drive position.
4. Funny smell – If you notice a strange smell coming from under your car or under the hood, consider checking your transmission in an auto repair shop, as rancid or burnt odors usually indicate a trouble.
5. Check the parking space, you have used, immediately after you move your vehicle for any transmission leaks. If you see a pool of dark-red fluid, you better check the level of your transmission fluid and go to a transmission shop as soon as you can, in order to learn what is causing the leakage.

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