Transmission problems – 6 warning signs

You may be here, reading this article, because you suspect something is wrong with the transmission in your car. Oftentimes, drivers experience what they feel may be a Close up of an car engine being repaired by a male mechanic holding a spannertransmission issue but they are not sure. Trust my word, it is far better to address these issues early on than to let them evolve into an extensive transmission failure.

Transmission (especially the automatic transmission) is the most complex piece of machinery in your entire car. It is hard to spot problems and even harder to repair them. However, we’ve managed to put together 6 most common transmission problems that have been observed by specialists over the years. Read and see if any of them sounds like the problem you’re experiencing. Knowing what’s wrong with your transmission may save you money on auto repair services.


Transmission fluid can leak from nearly 20 different external seals. Some of them are easy to repair while others require the expertise of an auto repair mechanic. If you notice a small pool of pinkish oil every time you move your car from its parking spot, you may have transmission issues. Schedule a visit to a reliable auto repair shop and have them check your transmission fluid and seals.


Sometimes a bucking or shaking sensation is experienced, especially at high speeds. While this may be a problem of poor engine tunning, it could also signal an issue with your transmission system. Take your vehicle to an expert that can tell the difference.

Delayed drive

If your transmission hesitates longer than usual to engage a gear once the shifter is put in “R” or “D”, it means you may be dealing with a transmission malfunction. The cause for these delays can vary from a band that needs adjustment or a low fluid level. Again, sooner rather than later is the right time to have it checked by a professional.

Burning smell

A burnt odor can be a sign of transmission that is leaking fluid onto the exhaust or is overheating. If transmission fluid or engine oil leaks on the exhaust, it could catch on fire. Take your car to an auto repair service as soon as possible.

Check engine light

With newer cars, transmission systems have become more complex and also much “smarter”. Sensors are used to measure the activity of your transmission, and sometimes they may detect a problem sooner than you can feel it in your car’s drivability. If your check engine light comes on, it may signal a transmission problem. In order to find out what the problem is exactly, you have to schedule your vehicle for a computer diagnosis.

Transmission slipping

Slipping can be described as a condition when your engine is revving but the full power is not reaching the wheels. If you experience something similar, you definitely have a problem with your transmission system. There is nothing else that can explain a slipping condition better than a transmission issue.

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